Thursday, 11 December 2008

Silent Awe At What They Stood Before (2006)

I completed this illustration in November 2006 using primarily Pencil & Photoshop. You can still see some of the Pencil.

This was a rewarding piece for me as it marked a leap forward for myself at the time pushing me away from pursuing Animation and concentrating instead on a career in Illustration.

From the start I wanted to create a single piece that would be a benchmark in quality to work from. The next step would have been to create an Illustrated children's book at a comparable quality however I never quite developed the right idea for the two characters. Rudy a rather Large Ant-eater and a character I simply referred to as "The Catcher" primarily a character who was trying to build a zoo of animals within the forest.


Jim Rowland Creations said...

Nice picture. Reminds me of Burma 1987.

Jim Rowland Creations said...

One thing thats always bugged me about this image though, is that the sentance beneath is grammatically a bit wobbly. May pay to refine it before it becomes too nostalgic to alter.

New! Caffinated Ally Bars: 3% Human said...

I like it, it's lovely.. but what is the thing that is causing them to be in awe? You didn't really give it a shaddow so it could be false like a ghost, or someone or something with a light? Maybe it's really far away.. but the direction of the catchers eyes doesn't really make it seem too far, it just makes it seem big. If it were a direct light it would hurt their eyes and probably cause them to squint. Is it, maybe, a large, well lit, building? or a city? a casino? Are they peeping through someone's window? Is it inanimate? I really want to know!
And your trees are great!

Red Mango Illustrations said...

It is in fact a city well guessed. Very astute.